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      Automatic Liquid Filling Machine TOALF1000-8

      Name:Automatic Liquid Filling Machine TOALF1000-8
      Supply Ability:100 sets per year
      Mini Quantity:1 set
      Port:Shanghai port
      Payment Terms:T/T, L/C, West Union, Alibaba Trade Assurance
      Material:Stainless steel
      Features:fully automatic, intelligent, compact design
      Applications:Pharmaceutical, cosmetics, daily chemicals, heath care Supplements,Food,drinks
      Marketing Area:Worldwide,global

      Product Description

      ***  Questions need to answer before getting an exact offer:

             1. What's filling volume of each size of bottle?

             2. What kind of liquid for filling?

             3. Can you send us picture of your bottle, stopper and cap?  

             4. Do you need labeling machine, cartoning machine etc? 

             5. What speed do you need for production? 

             6. Any addtional requirements for our machine?

      What is the Details of Filling Machine? 

       Highlights of the line 


      *Eight filling nozzles 

      *For liquid products 

      *Airtac cylinder 


       Automatic Liquid Filling Machine TOALF1000-8


      Filling Machine (TOALF1000-8): Multi-nozzles (2,4,6,8,10,12) fill simultaneously. Number of nozzles can be increased according to requirement. Rapid cleaning, rapid adjustment, stepless adjustment of speed for volume cylinder, suitable for filling of different specification and different liquid.

      Only one adjustment necessary for filling quantity, micro-adjustment for each volume cylinder, high precision and good consistency of filling. 

      Contact material parts is 316L stainless steel and silicone rubber, in conformity with GMP standard. 

      Filling piston cylinder controlled by stepless speed adjustment of imported speed reducing motor, suitable for aqueous liquid and viscous liquid. Inertia eliminated by imported electro-magnetic clutch and brake, high precision of filling. 

      Man machine interface and PLC communication. Only simple setting on screen is necessary for commissioning equipment and changing types. 

      Bottle charging, positioning, filling, and bottle discharging are all automatic, if the bottle is not on the right position, the bottle is blocked, or the filling pipe is not inserted into the bottle when filling, the equipment will protect automatically and continue to operate after eliminating the trouble. 

      Technical Parameter:

      Besides, the Customers should equip with Compressed Air System themselves. The standard should be with Pressure 0.4 ~ 0.8MPa & Flux 0.15m3/min. We emphasize especially that the Compressed Air must be filtrated & depurated before it enters the machine.


      What is the Applications of Filling Capping Labeling Line?

      Packaging & Shipping: 

      Our Certificate: 

      Some B/L for Your Reference: 

      Company Information:

      Our Team: 

      Our Clients:

      Our Service:

      24 hours online service via Skype, WhatsApp, Viber, Email & Phone. Enquiry will be replied in 24 hours. One year warranty with global commissioning service. Spare parts for any breakdown are available with DHL,UPS,FEXDEX express delivery. 


      Our Advantages:

       1. High quality and professional manufacturer

       2. Advanced equipments for testing and manufacturing 

       3. Professional consultation according to your inquiry 

       4. Nonstandard solution with customization

       5. Good after-sale service

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