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Semi automatic Single Head Piston Liquid Filling Machine TOSLF500-1B

Name:Semi automatic Single Head Piston Liquid Filling Machine TOSLF500-1B

Product Description

***  Questions need to answer before getting an exact offer:

       1. What kind of liquid for filling?

       2. What’s viscosity of liquid?

       3. What’s dia. of your bottle? Do you have bottle picture?   

       4. What’s filling range?  

       5. What speed do you need?  

       6. Do you need capping machine as well?

What is the Details of Small Filling Machine? 

 Highlights of the piston filler 

*One head filling system 

*50ml-500ml/one stroke 

*Pneumatic piston filling 

*Airtac air cylinder 

*304 stainless steel

 TOSLF500-1B One Nozzle Piston Filling Machine


This machine adopts compressed air controlled driving, so it suits the situation that needs explosion-proof and moisture proof. It has high safety. Since it adopts pneumatic control and mechanical position, the filling accuracy is high and can be controlled with 1%. If need to stop, only need to press the emergency stop button. The piston comes back to the initial position and filling stops. Machine's malfunction rate us very low.

Remark: This machine adopts three way valve control system. It suits light viscosity liquid filling, such as water, wine, oil, shampoo, detergent liquids, etc. 

Technical Parameter:


Packaging & Shipping: 

Our Certificate: 

Some B/L for Your Reference: 

Company Information:

Our Team: 

Our Clients:

Our Service:

24 hours online service via Skype, WhatsApp, Viber, Email & Phone. Enquiry will be replied in 24 hours. One year warranty with global commissioning service. Spare parts for any breakdown are available with DHL,UPS,FEXDEX express delivery. 


Our Advantages:

 1. High quality and professional manufacturer

 2. Advanced equipments for testing and manufacturing 

 3. Professional consultation according to your inquiry 

 4. Nonstandard solution with customization

 5. Good after-sale service

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