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      Check Weigher, Check Weighing Machine TOWI-5

      Name:Check Weigher, Check Weighing Machine TOWI-5

      Product Description

      ***  Questions need to answer before getting an exact offer:

             1. What kind of product for checking?

             2. Could you send us your product pictures?

             3. What is the weighing accuracy you want?    

      What is the Details of Check Weigher? 


      TOWI-5 Automatic Weight checking Machine adopts the advanced dynamic weighing technology combines the high speed digital signal processing technology and exquisite manufacturing control. The machine has three weight classifying areas: Overweight Products, Qualified Products and Underweight Products. It is equipped with belt coordinating device which is suitable for round and flat bottles. Such as, glass bottles, plastic bottles and aerosols, etc. Color Touch Screen Stores the data of 100 products The touch screen displays all the current important weighing data, production data and setting parameters. Automatic or Manual Zero. The speed of the conveyor can be adjusted continuously. 


      1. Strong stainless steel structure; Water proof design.

      2. High accurate load cell; Based on advanced DSP technology. 

      3. Automatic weighing compensation and zero tracking. 

      4. 100 products preset; Easy to edit and recall. 

      5. Quickly product shift and speed recall. 

      6. 2000 sorting records; Printer output ready. 

      7. LCD with Touch screen; Friendly operation interface.

       TOWI-5 Check Weigher

      Technical Parameter:


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      Our Service:

      24 hours online service via Skype, WhatsApp, Viber, Email & Phone. Enquiry will be replied in 24 hours. One year warranty with global commissioning service. Spare parts for any breakdown are available with DHL,UPS,FEXDEX express delivery. 


      Our Advantages:

       1. High quality and professional manufacturer

       2. Advanced equipments for testing and manufacturing 

       3. Professional consultation according to your inquiry 

       4. Nonstandard solution with customization

       5. Good after-sale service

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